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About Us

Let us tell your brand’s story. CatalystCreativ is an experience studio partnered with Downtown Project. We create impactful experiences using influencer strategy and inspirational content. Our goal is to increase engagement around a mission or intention. To learn more, download our overview deck.


We offer four unique solutions to help our clients address their community needs:

Community Scan

Research your brand/organization and your current community, create a profile of your target audience, and develop a proposal to activate and engage your community to a new level.


Leverage Our Network

Assess our network of 30,000 individuals, conduct targeted outreach to individuals who match your target demographic, and handpick the perfect speakers and attendees for your event or activation.


Content Creation

Develop programming that is educational, impactful, inspirational and memorable, and curate and train all speakers and panelists.


Activations & Events

Full event ideation and design (including venue selection and set/lighting/floral), as well as invitation design and management and on-site logistics and execution.

Downtown Project Container Park - CatalystCreativ
Founded in 2012 in partnership with Downtown Project, CatalystCreativ is an experience studio that creates immersive experiences to build community & increase engagement around a mission or intention.

Our mission with Downtown Project is:

  • to provide a window for the rest of the world into the project
  • to create unique and meaningful experiences in Downtown Las Vegas
  • to encourage guests to engage with the project beyond Catalyst Week or Creativ Week and spread the message of Downtown Project to their own communities.

We are mostly recognized for Catalyst Week and Creativ Week, our monthly events and speaker series of carefully selected influencers, which inspire and educate the Downtown Las Vegas community.

Ripple of Impact

Hire CatalystCreativ to help you create a ripple of impact – here’s how:

  • Attend a Catalyst Week or Creativ Week

Catalyst Week: for changemakers, influencers, and social entrepreneurs

Creativ Week: for influencers specifically working in creative industries such as media, arts, design, and entertainment

  • Co-curate a Catalyst Week or Creativ Week with us

Work side by side with our team

Allow us to gain insight into your community and your needs

  • Hire us to plan your next big conference in the style of Catalyst Week using the city of Downtown LV as a landscape
  • Bring us on as your community design firm to help you create a ripple of impact in your community and the world

Our work is based on an educational methodology, rooted in the belief that we can create events that encourage and increase engagement. This engagement is what we ultimately strive to measure, and as a company we have studied a taxonomy of engagement that includes seven distinct levels.


When we strategize and ideate for a client , we design and execute all events, activations and campaigns as classrooms. Within that classroom we create customized experiences with a specific curriculum, the end goal of which is to engage participants around making a difference.


We strive to bring the outside world/community into the classroom, and bring the classroom to the outside world/community, since environment based education is proven to result in higher levels of engagement.

“CatalystCreativ Team – I wanted to personally thank all of you for an amazing week. I had a great time in Vegas at Creativ Week. I was inspired by everyone I met and look forward to staying connected.”

“I just wanted to thank you for a great time this past week and for all your hard work. I had a lovely time and met some great people. But more importantly, you might be happy to learn that this trip has completely transformed my opinion of Las Vegas. What you guys are doing in downtown Vegas is, in a word, inspiring.”

“You all did an outstanding job of producing the week. Wow! High energy, lots of substance and plenty of fun. My big take-aways for the week included how awesome the divergent thinking was and how kind and collaborative the people involved in DTP are.”

“Catalyst Week was a Catalyst that changed the trajectory of my life, both professional and personal!”

CatalystCreativ & Downtown Project


During the fourth week of each month, CatalystCreativ partners with a new co-curator individual or organization to create Catalyst Week, an experience for 40 influencers and tastemakers that provide a window into Downtown Project in Las Vegas.

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CatalystWeek Showcase: Dr. Brian Lawenda

Dr. Brian Lawenda is the only Harvard-trained and board certified radiation oncologist in Nevada. At 21st Century Oncology Centers in Las Vegas, he practices integrative oncology, which pairs radiation therapy with complementary therapies like meditation. Originally a skeptic of these complementary therapies, Dr. Lawenda set out to learn more about these “non-traditional” methods and ended up joining the

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CatalystWeek Showcase: Miriam Bekkouche

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CatalystWeek Showcase: Girls in Tech Vegas

Christina Aldan, Jennifer Kilkenny and Heather Wilde visited Catalyst Week to talk to attendees about Girls In Tech Las Vegas. In 2014 alone, the organization has provided 20,000 women and girls with educational outreach information. Las Vegas is one of its fastest growing chapters, but Girls in Tech has over sixty chapters around in the

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CatalystWeek Showcase: Shane Stuart

Did you know the average person is supposed to eat between 9-11 fruits and vegetables a day?! Shane Stuart is the owner of Grass Roots, a juice bar in Downtown Las Vegas. Watch as he shares his story and tips for a healthy lifestyle all while making juice for Catalyst Week

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Amanda Slavin

  • CEO & Founder
    Email: amanda@catalystcreativ.com
    Founded CatalystCreativ: October 2012
    Where you can find me: LA 20%, Vegas 60%, Conferences around America 20%
    The best part of my job is: Meeting and working with amazing people
    Professional Profile: Click Here

Taylor McPhail

  • Events & Production Coordinator
    Email: taylor@catalystcreativ.com
    Started CatalystCreativ: January 2015
    Where you can find me: Las Vegas 90%, Exploring New Places 10%
    The best part of my job is: Making a difference in the Las Vegas community through education and hospitality.

Evelyn Sabino

  • Communications & Events Manager
    Email: evelyn@catalystcreativ.com
    Started CatalystCreativ: September 2014
    Where you can find me: Las Vegas 75%, Discovering Pockets of the World 25%
    The best part of my job is: Enjoying meaningful conversations with global influencers
    Professional Profile: Click Here

Robert Fowler

  • Senior Vice President
    Email: robert@catalystcreativ.com
    Started CatalystCreativ: January 2013
    Where you can find me: Vegas 60%, New York 30%, Producing Catalyst events around America 10%
    The best part of my job is: Creating beautiful events that leave an impression.
    Professional Profile: Click Here

Mike Mason

  • Creativ Director
    Email: mike@catalystcreativ.com
    Started CatalystCreativ: August 2013
    Where you can find me: Philadelphia 85%, NYC 10%, Vegas 5%
    The best part of my job is: Creating visual identities for us and our brands.
    Professional Profile: Click Here

Danielle Robin

  • Director of Content Strategy
    Email: danielle@catalystcreativ.com
    Started CatalystCreativ: February 2013
    Where you can find me: NYC 85%, Vegas 10%, San Francisco 5%
    The best part of my job is: Choosing the right speakers for events and training them.
    Professional Profile: Click Here

Nicole Baker

  • Content Coordinator
    Email: nicole@catalystcreativ.com
    Started CatalystCreativ: May 2014
    Where you can find me: New York 50%, Connecticut 50%
    The best part of my job is: Sharing our company’s mission with others through social media outreach.
    Professional Profile: Click Here

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